If Your Company Has These Two Policies, Don't Hesitate To "Fall In Love Again"

If Your Company Has These Two Policies, Don't Hesitate To "Fall In Love Again"

March 23, 2022

Is it worth it to choose a company with only high salary as its competitiveness? No! In 2022, let’s choose a business that can provide employee happiness and consistent employee experience as your next destination.

If Your Company Has These Two Policies, Don't Hesitate To "Fall In Love Again"

Nói lời “yêu lại từ đầu” nếu công ty sở hữu 2 chính sách này

Continuous experience is the key!

After a long year of constantly resisting the pandemic, workers are no longer satisfied with a job that only pays well, but that job must also provide a positive employee experience.

According to research by The Future of Work, employee experience has a significant impact on workers’ productivity. Let’s take Google for example. Employees at Google can freely take their time doing recreational activities amid work, or experience various complementary services, which in turn, greatly improve their productivity. Furthermore, the remote working model is also a way to diversify employee working experience.

A happy budget makes a happy employee

There aren’t only freelancers talking about having multiple income sources, namely stocks, cryptocurrency, and other investments…, but there are also numerous modern white-collars who want to diversify their income sources to earn more than just their 8-hour job. Even if it was a hectic year, the Vietnamese stock market still witnessed 1.31 million new accounts in the first 11 months.

But in episode 1 of the Vietnam HR Awards Podcast, the experts shared that even though employees are happier when having multiple incomes, they are easily swayed by the stock markets which in turn heavily affects employees’ moods and lowers their productivity. Then how can business leaders help their employees smartly manage their investments while still focusing on their work?

According to Forbes, 46% of business leaders include training about financial wellness in their management strategy.

After watching Vietnamese businesses facing the uncertainties of Covid-19, we realized that both the employees’ and businesses’ needs have changed. It’s not only about the wage anymore, the employees are now demanding financial security. Through this podcast, Dragon Capital wants to bring to the table various beneficial information on improving workers’ financial wellness, which in succession, enhances living standards and guarantees a sustainable development of the Vietnam market.

Dragon Capital Representative

Source: Kênh 14

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