Overembellished CV – What Should HR Do To Avoid?

Overembellished CV – What Should HR Do To Avoid?

August 4, 2022

Recruiters can check the candidate’s social media profile, and references from the candidate's company or consider body language during the interview to verify the information included in the CV. 

Overembellished CV – What Should HR Do To Avoid?


Overembellished CV – What Should HR Do To Avoid?

Impress recruiters with overembellished CV 

According to a ResumeBuilder.com report in 2021, 1 in 3 Americans admits to lying on their resume. In which, 44% lied about their educational background and 40% embellished their skills or abilities. 

Ms. Lý Ngọc Trân – HR Outsourcing Services Director of Talentnet said that candidates try to cheat on their resume in fear of being undervalued, or just to make sure to impress the recruiters. “Facing these overembellished CV, HR must stay focused on qualifications that really matter to avoid troubles when hiring unsuitable employees.”  

3 filters to avoid overembellished CV 

According to a report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a bad hire can cost your business a fortune – up to 3 times their annual salary. Another research also shows that companies spend an average of 14,900 USD if employees do not meet the requirements. 

To avoid these negative effects, Ms. Trân suggests 3 ways to verify candidate CVs. 

First filter – Background check: With the information that cannot be thoroughly verified such as working time or working position, recruiters can take advantage of the candidates’ social media profiles mentioned in the CV to have a deeper look into the personality, job information, and candidates’ relationship with their old company.  

The second filter – checking the “body language”: Recruiters can put the competency-based interview (CBI) method into consideration with 3 criteria including knowledge, skills, and attitude determine the candidate’s actual ability. For example, instead of relying on the keyword “stress tolerance” in a candidate’s CV, recruiters can ask candidates to provide solutions or the way they handle the pressure. 

Overembellished CV – What Should HR Do To Avoid?

Third filter – Reference check: Reference check through school contacts, former managers or colleagues provided by the candidate is also important. Most candidates have their references covered, but HR will still check the working time, position, and qualifications that the candidate mentions in their CV. 

Ms. Trân said this reference check process needs a lot of time as well as internal HR resources. To save time and expenses, businesses can consider using the pre-employment check service to compare candidate information. 

Also, with a huge recruitment demand, businesses can consider using outsourcing solutions to speed up the recruitment process with quality profiles. 

Recently, many businesses tend to use outsourcing to optimize costs and workforce and reduce stress on the HR department. This August, Vietnam HR Outsourcing Conference 2022 – one of the biggest outsourcing conferences about human capital in Vietnam will be held in Ho Chi Minh City with complimentary tickets. 

With our high-caliber guest speakers as CEOs and HR Directors from top companies such as Prudential, HSBC, and AkzoNobel, Vietnam HR Outsourcing Conference 2022 will be a gathering where businesses and HRs can explore insightful updates, real case studies in implementing their HR outsourcing solutions: https://bit.ly/3RquU3s 

Source: Zing News 

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