Riding The Storm: How HR Tech & People Strategy Deliver Business Outcome

Riding The Storm: How HR Tech & People Strategy Deliver Business Outcome

September 30, 2021

The speakers had the opportunity to exchange, analyze, and discuss the digitalization trend and necessity of digital transformation, as well as the impact of this trend on businesses, at the exclusive webinar: "Riding the Storm: How HR Tech & People Strategy delivers Business Outcome" jointly organized by Talentnet and PeopleStrong on September 24, 2021.

Riding The Storm: How HR Tech & People Strategy Deliver Business Outcome

Our Guest Speakers:

  1. Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, CEO & Founder of Talentnet
  2. Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO of PeopleStrong
  3. Ms. Alexis Pham, former Human Resources Director of One Mount Group
  4. Mr. Stephen Nguyen, CEO of Opla Consulting
  5. Mr. Kiran Kumar, Founding Member and Chief Global Markets of PeopleStrong
  6. Mr. Prakash Rao, Founding Member and Chief Operating Officer of PeopleStrong
  7. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Loan, Human Capital Head of Talentnet
  8. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Deputy CEO of Talentnet

In response to the global market trend of digitalizing human resource management, Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary has provided an in-depth analysis of the global and regional markets. With its high growth potential, Asia will soon become the world economic center by 2030. However, only 18% of Asian organizations using cloud-based HR technology are limiting the key economic growth levers.

Check the informative document from Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO of PeopleStrong right here:

    Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh also stated that, in addition to human factors such as business leaders’ commitment and collective consensus and cohesion, digital technology application plays an important role in the process of digitizing human resource management. As a result, the strategic and exclusive collaboration between Talentnet and PeopleStrong aims to assist Vietnamese businesses in successfully implementing the digital transformation project of human resource management, allowing businesses to seize opportunities faster, development association in the country, region, and international arena.

    Mr. Stephen Nguyen, speaking about the trend of Digital Transformation in Vietnam, stated in the report The Future of Vietnam’s Digital Economy: 2030 – 2045, The Global Talent Competitiveness Index ranks Vietnam 92nd out of 125 countries, and more than 70% of current jobs in Vietnam would be automated in the future. On the other hand, he sees the positive aspects that these indicators bring: opportunities to improve employee skills and apply digital technology to businesses. With favorable factors such as policy support and technological readiness, now is the time for businesses to consider digital transformation. Businesses must create a digital transformation roadmap that is appropriate for their size and strategic goals. Businesses must consider the following factors when undergoing a digital transformation:

    • Analyze businesses’ current situation and goals
    • Determine the readiness for digital transformation
    • Examine the processes that can be replaced and choose the appropriate technology
    • Prepared to receive staff feedback
    • Dedication to digital transformation

    Let’s catch the trend of Digital Transformation in Vietnam through Mr. Stephen Nguyen here:

    During the panel, the speakers discussed the role of the HR department in this trend. Ms. Alexis Pham believes that the human resources department and HR strategy are critical components of the enterprise’s business strategy. As a result, when implementing digital human resource management, the HR strategy must also be reviewed, adjusted, and updated to be more appropriate. Businesses will be required to use a competency-based approach to human resource management.

    A shift in the employer value proposition is accompanying the application of digital technologies such as AI, cloud platforms, and so on to human resource management. The demand for technology talent will rise as a result of digital transformation. The human resources department is in charge of training, upskilling, and culture in order to create a harmonious environment for both traditional and technology-specialized employees. According to Ms. Alexis Pham, with the advancement of technology and data, talent will become a competitive advantage for businesses, necessitating the implementation of a comprehensive human resource system to allow employees to focus on tasks that provide them with greater value.

    To prepare for digital transformation, the discussion’s speakers all agreed and concluded that: it is critical for businesses to establish the right mindset for employees as well as a strong corporate culture:

    • Employees must understand that living with a pandemic is the new normal, and they must find ways to manage their lives and develop new habits and behaviors. To successfully weather the storm with the company, employees must have independent thinking, a positive attitude, and a sense of responsibility.
    • A strong corporate culture serves as the foundation for employees’ transformation and development. Businesses must foster a common spirit that is not afraid of challenges and overcoming adversity in order for the entire system to be ready and quickly adapt when changes occur.

    Explore the People Management system from PeopleStrong at:

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