A Cohesive Culture is The Best Place to Work

A Cohesive Culture is The Best Place to Work

September 17, 2021

Creating a positive and cohesive company culture can be difficult, particularly as leaders have to balance a broad range of responsibilities and an increasingly wider range of personalities.

A Cohesive Culture is The Best Place to Work
A Cohesive Culture is The Best Place to Work

The culture of an organization that speaks to its fundamental values is the basis for a successful business, production and meaningful development, eventually.

What is a cohesive culture?
Cohesive cultures are where workers have a sense of belonging, shared values and commitments to their individual and corporate goals. Groups should have three components — their membership, their value and their contribution — to ensure cohesion  To generate a healthy and cohesive culture in an organizational setting, what do leaders need to perform?

Be a proactive listener
Make sure you deliberately go outside of the familiar management office to join meetings and create an atmosphere that promotes individual feedback from each team member. Be willing to understand and not be fearful of these discrepancies – that there would be dispute and discord, indeed in a friendly manner. Any perspective from team members is important, and sometimes any viewpoint expressed makes everybody a little wiser and stronger. But don’t lose the fact that the whole team must hold the group’s actions accountable.

Evaluate the culture
It is extremely important that you spend some time checking where the team stands along with your culture and commitment. What are the benefits and weak points of your culture? It is essential to discover vulnerabilities, it is a chance to find areas for development. When culture is on the line, an area of weakness may cause a rift between teams. Address it now until it becomes a means of fighting.

Know your employees
You need to know how each team works and how they work together. With a strong knowledge regarding the nature of each team and its deliverables, you will be able to find efficient ways of working that bring pieces together to produce the end outcome.
Besides work, team-building will be a major moral stimulus and encourage outstanding teamwork. Take the time to assess the team’s dynamics when organizing activities. Are they 20-somethings looking to go out for dinners and happy hours? Are they a little older with their families, so team lunches or family events such as picnics and barbecues are a good fit? To ensure high attendance and thus effective events, choose the right activities.

Be a proactive listener

Trust your team
There’s no greater threat to positive company culture than to have a leader who micromanages every aspect of the business. Sometimes the leader is too entangled in the details, which makes the procedure invariably more difficult. Let the staff do their best and inspire them. In short: get out of the way. You have employed workers for their skills and the only way is to let the teams do their work. In places where they can’t predict yet, you can support them, have the requisite guidance and then step back. 

Share common purpose
Leaders in every way should give the people in their team a goal and express a joint view as to why they do everything they do. Show the team first of all how “right” feels and send them a North Star to pursue. But note, this is a wide world and we live under a continuously changing sky, meaning that everybody can see the North Star differently, based on the place they’re sitting or standing, at any point. Stay inclusive, stay diverse, stay compassionately transparent, embrace belonging and keep your team’s North Star shining bright.

Share common purpose

If you are looking for ways to build a cohesive culture, Talentnet, the only provider in Vietnam to offer full HR services with an integrated and holistic approach, is confident to assist you through the organizational changes. Contact our HR consulting team to find the best-fit strategies for your organization.

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