“High-tech” HR Outsourcing: Reasonable Investment Become Highly Profitable

“High-tech” HR Outsourcing:  Reasonable Investment Become Highly Profitable

May 14, 2021

Not all businesses can easily solve the crucial problem of how to enable digital transformation with available human capital resource. As a result, “high-tech” HR outsourcing becomes “an apple” of not only international businesses’ eyes, but also a trend in Vietnamese market post-COVID-19.

“High-tech” HR Outsourcing:  Reasonable Investment Become Highly Profitable

“The apple” in the business world

COVID-19 has pushed businesses to catch on with “the train” of digital transformation. However, not all businesses can swiftly operate the digital transformation process because of the need for long-term strategic investment in IT department, expertise training, and the infrastructure. And an even bigger challenge for businesses is to quickly recruit a team specializing in operating the new system.

“High-tech” HR outsourcing (the HR outsourcing service specialized in recruiting employees with expertise in IT) become the trendy solution for international businesses to quickly solve the problem of digital transformation.

“High-tech” HR Outsourcing:  Reasonable Investment Become Highly Profitable

The choice for Vietnamese businesses

Ms. Ly Ngoc Tran, Talentnet HR Outsourcing Director, shared: “High-tech HR outsourcing is becoming a new trend due to the fact that it can solve the problem of internal human capital, quickly recruit new employees to help businesses conquer the challenge of digital transformation while reducing the risks. Moreover, HR outsourcing also help businesses save resources and redirect those to more important development strategy.”

On the other hand, high-tech businesses can reap the benefit of finding “jewel” specialists in the pool of candidates by using HR outsourcing service. While the needs for digital transformation are on the rise, high-tech and e-commerce businesses are also experience strong growth and the demand for human resources is higher than ever. For that, HR outsourcing service are becoming well-known to businesses for quickly filling suitable candidates to opening positions and optimizing human capital resources.

And since the FDI “waves” flowing to Vietnam are still as strong as ever post-COVID-19, “high-tech” HR outsourcing trend will grow even stronger and help domestic businesses “merge” with the 4.0 train.

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