HR Compliance and Legal Advisory Service

HR Compliance and Legal Advisory Service

July 24, 2021

As legal advisory service helps companies to lawfully operate, a legal advisor needs to meet certain qualifications to be able to consult businesses on important legal matters.

HR Compliance and Legal Advisory Service
HR compliance and legal advisory service

Legal advisors provide legal advice, organize, complete, prepare legal papers, and advise the client or the organization on all the essential HR legal issues. He/she has responsibility for giving advice on law-related affairs for companies and guiding companies to adopt and adhere to HR laws while guaranteeing high quality service to customers.

What does a legal advisor do? 
As legal advisors are accountable for the handling of the legal obligations of a corporation, the tasks may involve preparing the contracts and documents and offering a range of legal help that includes the following tasks:

  • Overseeing client and vendor contracts 
  • Providing marketable and cost-efficient legal advice on the management of contracts 
  • Conducting legal research 
  • Drafting basic legal documents for construction projects
  • Ensuring compliance to industry laws and regulations 
  • Preparing damage claims 
  • Resolving disputes and infringements 
  • Providing arbitration, litigation and mediation support 
  • Advising on the latest building standards 
  • Explaining building standards to stakeholders 
  • Overseeing health and safety and injury claims and offering advice on court cases 
  • Meeting and interviewing clients 
  • Drafting documents, letters and contracts 
  • Acting on behalf of clients in disputes, if necessary. 

What qualifications does a legal advisor have? 
As legal advisory service helps companies to lawfully operate according to legal and regulatory requirements as well as minimize the risks of employee dissatisfaction, government investigations and work stoppages, a legal advisor needs to meet certain qualifications to be able to consult businesses on important legal matters:

  • Educational background

A legal advisor needs to at least complete a bachelor of an authorized college, universities in law or any other appropriate subject if he/she wishes to apply to a legal advisor role. Any employer certainly will prefer a person having a master’s degree. Expertise in related fields or in any past internships would be very helpful for the career. 

  • Key skills and abilities 

He/she should have great analytical, research, and drafting skills to ensure success as a legal advisor. It is vitally necessary to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the capacity to make excellent judgment-based decisions. He/she should be able to operate without supervision and handle private information correctly. He/she should be an exceptional team player, especially when certain deadlines have to be fulfilled. He/she must be up to date and capable of enforcing all applicable and latest laws in the particular circumstance.

What does a legal advisor do?


  • Work schedule, career path and advancement 

The legal advisor is a full-time employee who requires 40 to 45 hours of extra work weekly. As a legal advisor, he/she might become a contract manager or compliance manager. Alternatively, he/she could become a self-employed project consultant.
Organizations in all industries confront legal and HR-related issues frequently. The majority of in-house HR personnel do not always have the expertise to come up with solutions to these problems. Thus, having legal advisors from a third party to assist you with day-to-day activities as well as optimize the cost would be the ideal solution.  
As the leading HR consultant in Vietnam, Talentnet uses state-of-the-art technologies with high protection, a profound knowledge of labour law and relevant HR solutions, making it a perfect human resources collaborator for the long-term collaboration. Please contact us to learn more about our legal advisors.

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