Discover The Remote Proctoring Capabilities Of Mettl Online Assessment

Discover The Remote Proctoring Capabilities Of Mettl Online Assessment

November 12, 2023

In today's remote work culture, HR departments face the challenge of keeping employee training and hiring fair and honest. That's where the Mettl online assessment platform comes in. The Mettl online assessment is a vital tool for HR, ensuring that online tests for job applicants or staff training are credible. Its advanced remote proctoring features help prevent cheating, making sure that qualifications and certifications are legitimate.

HR departments need to trust the results of online tests, whether they’re for hiring remotely or developing their teams. That’s why they’re using online proctoring services more and more. Mettl’s online assessment is a top choice here, known for its strong cheating prevention and remote test watching features. It’s changing the way HR teams make sure tests and certifications are fair and honest, no matter where employees are.

What is a Test Proctor?

Before delving into the key features of Mettl’s advanced online proctoring, let’s first understand the role of a test proctor. A test proctor is an individual responsible for overseeing the administration of an exam, ensuring that it is conducted fairly and without any form of cheating. Traditionally, this role was fulfilled in physical exam centers. However, with the advent of online assessments, the role of a test proctor has evolved to include remote monitoring and security measures.

 In a digital and remote work landscape, strong security for online proctoring isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must-have. Mettl uses top-notch tech to make the testing space safe, just like in-person testing centers. This includes things like secure browsers, tough rules for data security, and watching in real time to stop cheating before it happens.

These security steps work to stop cheating from happening at all, not just catching it when it does. These steps make sure employees and people who want to join the company are honest, following the company’s rules of right and wrong. This is big for creating a place where people trust each other and for keeping the company’s good name. By ensuring that assessments reflect true skill and knowledge, Mettl helps companies stay solid and respected.

Key Features of Mettl’s Advanced Online Proctoring

Mettl’s advanced online proctoring skillfully combines technology and honesty, ensuring a safe and genuine testing, no matter where they are. Mettl online assessment doesn’t just recreate the traditional testing spirit online but also enhances it by using technological advances to increase security and convenience. Explore the key features that make Mettl’s proctoring solution a top choice for secure and smart online assessments.

Access Time Control

One of the fundamental features, drawn from the many advantages and benefits of Mettl assessment, is access time control. This feature allows assessments to be taken only within designated time slots. Candidates are unable to initiate the test outside of the access time set by the administrator. This ensures that assessments are conducted with a high level of control and security.

Empowering Exam Security with Mettl Secure Browser (MSB)

Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) plays a pivotal role in enhancing exam security. It transforms the candidate’s system into a secure lockdown mode, preventing the use of any third-party applications that could potentially be used for cheating. To activate this feature, candidates are prompted to install the Mettl Secure Browser on their system, thereby ensuring a controlled testing environment. This stringent approach not only minimizes the risk of bias but also ensures that evaluations are conducted solely on the basis of merit and genuine competence, thereby upholding the integrity of the recruitment process.

Navigational Tolerance for Candidate Monitoring

To further monitor candidate behavior, Mettl’s system employs navigational tolerance. This feature tracks any instances of a test-taker navigating away from the test window. Optional warnings are issued, and if the predefined limits are exceeded, the test may be terminated. This ensures that candidates remain focused on the assessment at hand.

Advanced Visual Proctoring for Enhanced Monitoring

Mettl’s advanced visual proctoring takes remote monitoring to the next level. Candidates are required to submit snapshots of their ID card and their face, adding an additional layer of identity verification. The system employs AI-generated flags to monitor candidate behavior, such as detecting when a candidate is away from the window or not fully present. Furthermore, the candidate’s screen and camera feed are periodically captured, providing a comprehensive record of the Mettl online assessment process. Manual candidate authorization is also available for additional control, and recorded video can be reviewed during the test.

Mettl's advanced visual proctoring takes remote monitoring to the next level
Mettl’s advanced visual proctoring takes remote monitoring to the next level

Secure Test-Taker Access with OTP (One Time Password)

To safeguard test-taker access, Mettl employs OTP authentication. Candidates can access the test link only after entering a one-time password sent to their registered email address. However, it’s important to note that OTP functionality is disabled when Mettl Secure Browser is enabled, adding an extra layer of security.

Strengthening Security with IP Address Restrictions

Mettl’s security measures extend to IP address restrictions, limiting test attempts to specific IP ranges. Only systems within the defined IP range can successfully access the test link. This practice enhances overall security, as only authorized devices are granted access.

Exclusive Access for Registered Candidates

To maintain the integrity of assessments, only registered candidates are allowed to participate. Mettl provides the option to send customized invitation emails containing secure test links to registered candidates. This ensures that only intended participants can access and complete the assessment.

Smooth Resumption of Exams with Supervised Resume

In the event of network failures or technical issues, genuine candidates can seamlessly resume their tests with the assistance of a proctor. This supervised resumption process ensures that disruptions do not compromise the assessment experience.

Thwarting Cheating Attempts through Various Measures

Mettl’s anti-cheating measures extend to blocking copying and printing controls, preventing candidates from easily capturing exam content. Additionally, a watermark is displayed on the test screen to discourage cheating through screenshots or photos, effectively controlling the exposure of content.

Randomizing Questions and Options to Deter Cheating

To further deter cheating, Mettl employs the practice of randomizing both online test questions and answer options. This makes it challenging for candidates to collaborate or share answers. Randomization can occur within the same skill set or across multiple skill sets, ensuring the fairness of assessments.

Mettl’s assessments are not one-size-fits-all; they are meticulously customizable to align with the distinct skill sets and competencies pertinent to various job roles within an organization. This acute level of tailoring enhances the relevance of each assessment, ensuring they are not only reflective of the necessary qualifications but also effective in identifying the right talent.

Detecting AI-Generated Plagiarism with AI Sense Score

In response to concerns about AI-generated code and plagiarism, Mettl introduces the AI Sense score. This innovative algorithm identifies instances of AI-generated code, providing a reliable indicator of potential cheating.

Beyond this, Mettl enriches the HR decision-making process with detailed reports and analytics post-assessment. These insightful outputs not only delineate candidates’ originality and skill levels but also illuminate patterns and trends, valuable for making informed decisions. Whether it’s hiring the right talent, recognizing employees ripe for promotion, or pinpointing precise areas needing development, these data-driven insights are indispensable for HR professionals striving for excellence in talent management.

Given the insidious and variegated nature of cheating in digital exams, it is imperative for entities to shield their evaluation processes with the Mettl online assessment’s potent and comprehensive remote proctoring capabilities. Mettl ensures that the values of fairness and meritocracy are not just upheld but vehemently defended, propagating a culture where qualifications are undeniably authentic and inherently valuable. Mettl’s scalability makes it ideal for large companies with extensive hiring operations, capable of administering multiple tests in diverse locations simultaneously. Its compatibility with prevalent HR systems streamlines data handling and operational efficiency. By fostering fair and authentic assessment practices, Mettl is indispensable in maintaining integrity in the digital workforce.

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