Vietnam Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey & Benefits Survey 2023 Is Now Open For Registration!

Vietnam Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey & Benefits Survey 2023 Is Now Open For Registration!

February 28, 2023

As the most comprehensive salary report in Vietnam, Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey is a trusted source for companies to make well-informed decisions based on accurate data and up-to-date market trends. 

salary survey 2023

2023 survey is calling for participants 

As the exclusive partner of Mercer in Vietnam, the Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Report is the most comprehensive and detailed survey, possessing the biggest number of participants and salary data points. Talentnet-Mercer methodology has been adopted by numerous established local firms and big multinational corporations. Our profound understanding of the local context, combined with this methodology, has enabled us to provide participating companies with current compensation data by industries, types of businesses, and employee sizes in Vietnam.

Join the Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey 2023 to help your business make well-informed decisions based on accurate data and in line with market trends. 

Talentnet Mercer Total Remuneration Survey 2023

By participating in the survey, you’ll get:

  • The Early Bird discount of 6% when subscribing to our full report(s) or receive complementary tickets to HR Public Training Courses covering a variety of topics when completing payment before 30 April 2023
  • Get updated with latest HR trends & compensation data from Talentnet – Mercer
  • Complimentary seat at Kick-off meeting in April & our Post Survey event in October
  • Industry highlight report on HR-related dimensions such as salary increase, turnover rate,…

Looking back on 2022 Report 

Last year’s report saw an increase in the number of jobs & participants, with over 3,300 positions from more than 483,000 employees and 608 organizations across Vietnam. This demonstrates that two years after the pandemic, companies are more motivated in investing in human resource initiatives through the development of a desirable and sustainable compensation policy.

Some key highlights of Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey Report 2022:

  • The top three industries have the highest rate of resignation in MNCs are Retail 15.6 %, Real Estates 12.7%, and Various Manufacturing 10.1% due to the major impact of Covid-19 and the low pay in comparison to the market midpoint.
  • The top three industry sectors with the highest salary increase are High-tech (up 8.88%), Insurance (up 8.2%), and Life-Science (up 7.6%).
  • Vietnamese companies’ average salary rate is 31% lower than those of MNCs, but when the total income is considered, the difference is just 22%.

Salary Survey

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